Meanwhile in Florida: Orlando Man Punches His Way to Faster Fast Food

We all get “hangry,” don’t we? Of course we do. But that’s no excuse to punch a food-industry worker in the face for not feeding you fast enough. Florida Man, however, didn’t get the memo. Sherman Brown, 34, was recently arrested after he punched a McDonald’s employee for slow service at the drive-thru window. Once the vehicle pulled up to the window, he confronted the employee, was asked to leave the property, and then he punched the worker through the window in typical Florida Man fashion. Brown also has three other battery convictions and a separate pending charge for punching his girlfriend. Wow, this guy’s a real winner. Take note, Mandatory Nation. If you’re hungry and in the drive-thru, be patient because if not, you’ll be on par with Florida Man.

Photo: vchal (Getty Images)

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