Trump Plastic Straws Give Supporters Two Birds-One Chance to Pledge Allegiance and Destroy Oceans

Those who dream nightly of getting Donald Trump re-elected and destroying our world oceans with plastic are getting an early Grinch gift this year because they can do both with just one click of the button now. Besides Make America Great Again flags, koozies, hats, sweatshirts and hand grenades, the Trump/Pence gift shop offers a 10-pack of non-reusable red plastic straws for $15 (that’s $1.50 per straw) with the Trump name on it. While the rest of humanity makes extensive plastic recyclable efforts, the Trump train wants to take us back to the good old days when people didn’t know about plastic pollution, which is apparently as much of a witch hunt or old wives tale as climate change (good thing that’s not real either). Stay tuned for Trump AK-47s and other world-ending gag gifts as we grow closer to the 2020 election. (We’re not going to give you the link to click because while this may seem amusing, it’s actually a tragedy.)

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