People Are Wearing AirPods During Sex Because We Don’t Even Know

You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone wearing AirPods these days. We swear some people only wear them to show you they own a pair. Now it seems that same douche who wears AirPods all day is probably wearing them in the bedroom, too.

A recent study interviewed 1,010 respondents and found that 17 percent of them said they wear the Apple device during sex. Do they think Siri is going to help them work through the motions? The study, called “Exploring the Intersection of Music and Sexual Preferences,” also found that people who listen to hip-hop enjoy doggy-style. That makes sense since Snoop Dogg’s debut album shares that name and how else are you supposed to smash when listening to it?

While that might be an interesting discovery, the fact that people are boning while wearing AirPods makes us believe we’ve reached a new and unexpected level of lame. What else do you wear when you’re bumping uglies? These are probably the same people who wear FitBits when they masturbate to make it seem like they’re jogging when in reality they’re just putting in wrist exercises. We doubt AirPods help people in the bedroom. It’s not like they’re sensor rings or anything.

Photo: PeopleImages (Getty Images)

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