Extra Toppings: Pizza Place Puts Laxatives on Pies

Photo: OcusFocus (Getty Images)

Have you ever had pizza that’s given you a bad case of the runs? You might have thought the culprit was being lactose intolerant. But if you ate at this pizza place, you may have gotten an extra topping of laxatives at no extra charge.

A pizza shop in Texas was closed down for a weekend when police discovered employees were putting the stool loosener in the food. The workers might have gotten away with it, too, if one genius didn’t decide to post about their poopie antics on social media. Smart move, dummy.

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When shaken down by the cops, three employees admitted to the grand scheme of giving everyone the shits. To add insult to injury, one of their co-workers accidentally ate the laxative-tainted pizza and now we’re sure their employee restroom had to be shut down before the restaurant did.

If you’re wondering if the employees who were behind the diabolical diarrhea were able to retain their jobs, let us put it this way: they were shit-canned. It’s certainly a crappy thing to do, especially if it means an entire business gets shut down as a result. When it comes to their decision making, it’s clear these three morons had a collective brain fart.

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