Pizza ATM

Pizza ATMS Keep College Students Fueled Up At Ohio State

Photo: Vera Arsic / EyeEm (Getty Images)

Being a full-time college student is tough. It’s especially a rough stint when you’re short on cash and the mini fridge is sparse of delectable choices. The good news is pizza ATMs are now a thing and we can totally get behind that.

Some good folks at Ohio State University are looking out for the student body and recently placed a pizza ATM on the campus. This is just the latest effort by institutions of higher education to give college kids the much-needed food they deserve for their four years of anxiety and education.

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The ATMs are basically freezers, ovens, and dispensers boxed up in one brilliant machine. The pizzas start off as frozen to be kept fresh, and once somebody orders, they get moved to an oven in a different part of the mechanism. A few minutes later, a pizza pops out for you to enjoy at your starving heart’s content for just $8.

The folks at the appropriately named company, Pizza ATM, give a nice little breakdown of how it works. Watch this and feel yourself get hungry much like we did when we found the video.

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Ohio State isn’t the only college supply their illustrious halls with pizza-blessed ATMs. Fellow Ohio schools Xavier and Case Western Reserve University already have these machines on their campuses, and we’re pretty sure we want to go back to college solely for this.

If pizza’s not your thing, that’s okay because Ohio State is all about variety. In addition to the pizza ATMs, the school also has a bacon vending machine. So if you’re wondering where to attend college and have an appetite for pizza, bacon, and innovation, it’s clear Ohio State is a delicious choice.


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