Meanwhile in Florida: College Student Jailed For Fish Photo, There Goes His Tinder Profile

Men and fish. They’re simply inseparable. And if you catch one (a fish, not a man), does it really exist unless you take a photo of yourself holding it? We think not. Is that a crime? According to Florida law, it is.

Let us explain. A college student named Joshua Anyzeski was arrested in Florida last week after hooking a 20-pound goliath grouper in the campus lagoon at the College of the Florida Keys. Why? Because he posed for a pic with his massive catch rather than releasing it immediately.

Goliath groupers, in addition to having one of the most badass fish names, are critically endangered. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission demands that these fish “be immediately returned to the water free, alive and unharmed,” which was not what happened with Anyzeski, who took the fish at least 100 feet away from its natural habitat.

According to the wildlife police report, Anyzeski, who shouldn’t have been fishing in the campus lagoon in the first place, couldn’t resist bragging and sent the photo to a slew of his friends – one of whom reported him. (Snitch.) When apprehended, the 18-year-old confessed to “messing around” with his catch – and honestly, we don’t even want to know what that means. It sounds fishy.

For what seems like a minor infraction, the law came down hard on Anyzeski. He was charged with misdemeanor possession and jailed. It was only after posting a $7,500 bond that he was released. Here’s hoping he nets a good lawyer…and that his Tinder profile survives without the iconic fish pic.

Cover Photo: WSVN 7 News

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