Meanwhile in Florida: Man Arrested For Fake Pizza Orders, Cheesy Prank Still Reigns Supreme

Photo: FG Trade (Getty Images)

It’s a prank that seems as old as time itself. The classic fake pizza order. In the simplest terms, you call in a fake pizza order to a random address of someone you know. The pizza arrives and they open the door, confused as to why a pizza was sent to them. Hilarity ensues. But, a less funny version revolves around a prankster calling in a fake order for pick up with no intent to actually pick up the food. This is exactly what happened for months at a number of pizza parlors in New Jersey. But, that’s not the end of the story. When authorities finally figured out who the culprit was, the whole story really started to get strange.

A Florida man named Sudeep Khetani was arrested last week for making a series of calls to New Jersey area pizza parlors. He would make enormous orders of pizza and other food items, claiming to be local police or first responders. On top of that, he would call back and yell racial slurs at whoever answered, telling them that he hoped they would get COVID and to go back to Italy.

He must not have ever heard of caller ID because authorities figured out that the reason he never picked up his food was because he lived over a thousand miles away in Florida.

The calls began on Jan. 15 and ended on April 9. What might seem like a poorly executed prank cost a handful of pizzerias thousands of dollars. One pizza parlor was even forced to close after losing a ridiculous amount of money on fake orders from Mr. Khetani.

This isn’t Khetani’s first foray into the world of crime. He was arrested for selling fake tickets to Disney World, theft charges in New Jersey, and a charge of promoting prostitution.

It’s safe to say after finally being caught, he won’t be ordering any pizza any time soon. He should have picked up the orders when he could. Prison food likely won’t be as appetizing.

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