Longest Prank Ever: Belgium Man Keeps Getting Pizzas He Never Ordered For 9 Years Now

We love a good prank. Fake lottery tickets? Sure, why not. The classic jump-out-from-behind-a-shower-curtain prank? You’ll get us every time. Deliver pizzas to our house that we didn’t order? That’s worth a chuckle. But what if someone ordered a pizza to your house over and over again for nine years? That’s squarely out of the prank zone and right into malicious torment. Well, that’s exactly what happened (and is still happening) to a man in Belgium.

Jean Van Landeghem is the man with the now likely pizza delivery man phobia. For almost a decade, someone has been sending unsolicited pizzas to Van Landeghem’s home. Now, this is borderline psychotic behavior, but you have to give the pizza perpetrator props for dedication to a prank. Nine years is an awful long time to keep this profoundly strange prank going. We certainly couldn’t do it.

Nine years ago, Van Landeghem’s doorbell rang, and a pizza delivery driver handed him a stack of ‘za. While this seems funny (and delicious), this was the beginning of longterm anxiety and stress. Not only did he begin to get random pizzas delivered, he also got mystery kebabs and other foods. He got so many surprise deliveries that he began to assume a really hungry person just had the wrong address. But he was mistaken.

After all the years of random deliveries, Van Landeghem told a Belgian newspaper that he can’t even sleep and starts shaking with fear and anxiety every time he hears a scooter drive by on the street. There’s no rest for Van Landeghem as he says the deliveries have no specific pattern. They can show up literally any time of day, weekday or weekend. Even in the middle of the night.

There are two really strange aspects to this story. The first is that Van Landeghem claims he has a friend who had also been receiving unsolicited pizzas for a decade and, after all these years, he still has no idea who is sending them. It makes you wonder what, if anything he did to deserve this type of cheesy torture.

Photo: Halfdark (Getty Images)

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