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DUBLIN, IRELAND - FEBRUARY 23: MTV Jackass member Steve-O jumps from the balcony in Vicar, Street Dublin, Ireland on February 23 2003. (Photo by Getty Images)

RANKED! The Best (and Worst) Prank Shows in Light of ‘Prank Encounters’ Backlash

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There are many ways to combat America’s unemployment rate, but creating a hidden camera show that hires unsuspecting civilians, then puts them through emotional turmoil on their first day, only to reveal it was a setup for a laugh is not the kindest way to go about it. But that’s exactly what Netflix did for Prank Encounters, hosted by Gaten Matarazzo of Stranger Things. It may end up being a funny, entertaining show, but it has received a ton of backlash before the first episode has even aired.

Prank shows have done a lot worse to people over the course of television history. Whether it was Allen Funt or Peter Funt telling people to smile because they were on Candid Camera, or Tom Green interviewing people with bits of poo attached to the microphone, prank shows have always pushed the boundaries of what’s considered entertainment. Because of that, we’re ranking the best and worst prank shows to have ever graced our television screens. Maybe after reading this list, people will lighten up a little bit and realize that America was founded on laughing at the expense of others.

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