Brene Brown

8 Ways You Can Improve Your Life According To Brene Brown’s New Netflix Show

Photo: Netflix

There’s a reason shame researcher Brené Brown is so popular. Her Ted Talk “The Power Of Vulnerability” has over 40 million views, she’s got five books that are New York Times bestsellers and her Netflix special The Call To Courage is a must watch. And it’s all because she’s studied courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy to be able to teach you how to have a life worth living.

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If you’re not quite ready to let her dismantle your armor by watching Brown’s Netflix special maybe we can help. Here are the Cliffs Notes to getting the most you can out of The Call To Courage without actually having to watch it.

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Are you willing to risk shedding your armor to live a truly great life? Let us know if this sounds too woo-hoo in the comments!

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