Couple Watches Beyoncé ‘Homecoming’ on Netflix, Realizes White People Might Be Boring

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Contributor (Getty Images)

Beyoncé‘s debut Netflix film, Homecoming masterfully showcases how eight months of hard labor (from a mother who just had twins) can be broken down into a quick two-hour set. Netflix focuses on Queen B’s dual performances at a 2018 music festival after working through a traumatic pregnancy, which lead her to weigh in at 218 pounds just months before training for the iconic festival.

Well, now we feel lazy after sitting on the couch, watching her dance whilst covered in popcorn debris. Let’s take a second and review everything Beyoncé did that would tire out the patriarchy before its 5 p.m. TV dinner.

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What did you learn about how tired and outdated your personal beliefs are after watching ‘Homecoming’? Let us know if you’re all caught up on the times in the comments.

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