9 Incognito Websites Where You Can Discreetly Get Off (NSFW)

I understand why live-streaming websites are the go-to sources for pornographic material. I mean, they’re free and you, a horny male, have many, many options to choose from at the click of a button. Looking at it from this perspective, there’s no reason we shouldn’t indulge. Well, except for the fact that these websites are primarily responsible for killing the porn industry.

How so? Live streaming websites host stolen clips from paid websites. The websites are “populated” (see: stolen) by the website’s users, which is why some videos don’t boast the greatest quality. With hundreds of millions of viewers visiting these websites every day, you can see how this stolen content can affect profit. Why aren’t these websites being sued for theft? Because the websites aren’t doing the stealing, it’s us.

As such, it seems fitting to suggest some alternative websites for porn. These websites also boast the added benefit of looking completely innocent on your web history; it’s a win-win! So let’s get to it. Needless to say, as we are talking about porn here, the links below range from NSFW to Extremely NSFW.

1. Tumblr

I’ve finished myself to completion more than once on a Tumblr page (no shame here, guys). That’s because Tumblr is basically a porn website that disguises itself otherwise. To see it from this perverted perspective, all you need is the knowledge of which Tumblr sites are best for viewing dirty images, videos and GIFs. Of the website’s 200,000 most visited blogs, 11 percent host sex-related content.

Some good sites are: Boobs Are Cool, Masturbation Material, Naughty Girl GIFs and so on. Salon also released a collection of porn offerings on Tumblr, if you choose to indulge. Honestly, though: search anything on Tumblr and you’ll undoubtedly find porn.

2. Instagram

OK, so you can’t get full nudity on Instagram, but you can get pretty damn close. The app does host accounts that cater to many fetishes, including twerking, big booties, feet, you name it. They’re all there. Also: almost every porn star on the planet has an account, and these ladies come up with very innovative ways to work around the strict nudity guidelines. Same goes to “models” who got “famous” on the app.

Some good accounts to follow are: @emilysears, @ini.helen, @instafootaddiction (if you’re into feet), @monicaalvarez03, and so on. Esquire also features many worthwhile beauties in their series: Women We Love of Instagram, so if you want some other ladies to follow and fill your newsfeed with eye candy, check these out.

3. Twitter