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Netflix Gives Paris Hilton Her Own Cooking Show, Original Titles Included ‘That’s Too Hot’ and ‘What Is Cooking Again?’

Cooking series are all the rage, especially on Netflix, but one celebrity we could do without in the kitchen is Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, the hotel heiress is getting her own culinary-themed show, and it’s uncleverly called Cooking With Paris.

Photo: Netflix

Because the 40-year-old is best known for her sex tape, not recipe prowess, the show will focus on her lack of abilities in the kitchen.

“She’s turning the traditional cooking show upside down,” Netflix wrote in a release. “She’s not a trained chef and she’s not trying to be. With the help of her celebrity friends, she navigates new ingredients, new recipes and exotic kitchen appliances. Inspired by her viral YouTube video, Paris will take us from the grocery store to the finished table spread — and she might actually learn her way around the kitchen.”

The show is based on Hilton’s YouTube series of the same name, which is about as exciting as watching paint dry. (And her food probably tastes about as bad as chugging a can of paint would.)

So what will she attempt to make on the new show? Hopefully something edible, but we wouldn’t want to set expectations too high. Apparently, she’ll whip up her “famous lasagna.” (“Famous for what?” we wonder). There’s also talk of party hors d’oeuvres “like Jell-O shots and nachos.” Um…OK?

If your appetite wasn’t completely satiated (or should we say decimated?) by the show, Hilton will also have a cookbook coming out featuring her on-air recipes. Cooking With Paris debuts on Aug. 4. Forgive us if we sit this one out.

Cover Photo: Netflix



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