Mandatory Music: Juvenile Remixes ‘Back That Azz Up’ Into Pro-Vax Anthem We Can’t Wait to Twerk to While Spitting in a Stranger’s Mouth

It boggles the mind that there are people in this country who still haven’t gotten the Covid vaccine, given all the benefits it provides, like the ability to engage in Slutty Summer 2021. But for those holdouts, rapper Juvenile has revamped his 1999 jam “Back That Thang Up” into a pro-vaccine anthem.

It’s called “Vax That Thang Up” and it’s a joint effort with Mannie Fresh and Mia X to encourage people to get their shot in the arm thanks to a new campaign by the dating app BLK.

“I just wanted to do something positive for my people and to stand in the front to show that I’m willing to sacrifice my life not just for me but also for my family,” Juvenile said in a statement about the collab. “We don’t know what we’re facing right now but we really do all need to be vaccinated so we can continue to do our thing and survive.”

The song is as equally hilarious as it is catchy. Just check out this hook: “Girl you look good once you vax that thang up / You a handsome young brother once you vax that thang up/Dating in real life, you need to vax that thang up/Feeling freaky all night, you need to vax that thang up.” And the video features all the big booty-poppin’, sexy twerkin’ action you’d expect from a Juvenile joint.

Who knew vaccines could be so sexy? Actually, we did. After all, aren’t you eager to get your tongue all up in some stranger’s mouth – without worrying about catching a deadly virus in the process? We sure are. Put this tune on repeat and get thee to a vaccination clinic ASAP. Your sex drive will thank you.

Cover Photo: YouTube



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