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Will Smith Hilariously Reacquaints Himself With the Gym Post-Quarantine in Fresh Instagram Video

Going to the gym can be an awkward affair. There’s all that Spandex, sweating, unfamiliar machinery and the inevitable grunters in the weight room. But hitting the gym has never been more awkward than right now, when we’re all emerging from our epic quarantine and the comfort of our own homes and isolated lifestyles. Will Smith, despite being a major celebrity, is just like the rest of us – but he has a sense of humor about it.

As we’ve covered, Smith let himself go during the pandemic – and he wasn’t shy about showing off the doughy, dad-bod results on Instagram. But now he’s kicking his own rear into gear, and getting back to building muscles and increasing his endurance. Like reestablishing any habit, though, there’s a learning curve, and he’s hilariously letting us in on his progress.

In an Instagram video titled, “Trying to remember how to use a gym after quarantine,” the Men in Black star is seen bounding up the stairs of an exercise facility with all the optimism and enthusiasm in the world. Then he starts using the equipment…incorrectly.


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He’s seen swinging on a rope trainer, using a quad machine as a bicep curl, trying to do the butterfly machine with his legs, and riding a rower backwards.

“Feeling the burn in places I didn’t even know were places,” he captioned the jokey post.

We know the feeling. But in this case, it’s because Smith was using doing everything wrong, not because he was reacquainting his muscles with the concept of exercise.

Ah, well. Who are we to judge? The only workout we’ve done lately is laughing at this video. How many calories does that burn, anyway?

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