Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Mom, 67, Shows Offs Her Stunning Abs (Meanwhile We Continue Search For Our Feet)

Forget the Quarantine 15. We’re way beyond that now. In fact, we’ve surpassed the Dad Bod phenomenon and are now embracing the Santa Bod trend. But that’s just us. Some people out there are actually using their quarantine time to whip their bodies into shape – like Jada Pinkett Smith’s mom, who, at 67, has better abs than we’ve ever had.

Last week, Adrienne Banfield-Jones (also known as “Gammy” by her nearest and dearest) posted an Instagram showing off her trim, taut body.


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“This foot has kept me out of the gym,” the caption read. “Now looking more than just “full” in the middle. At 67 this may b my new normal, but Im fittin’ to see what I can do about that right now.”

Hold up. So these abs aren’t even her fighting weight abs? These are her “I’ve been sidelined by injury” abs? Forgive us as we indulge some insane jealousy.

If Banfield-Jones was looking for an “atta girl” from fellow Instagram users, she got it. At the time of this writing, she had over 36K likes and a slew of supportive comments. Here’s a sampling:

“now this momma is fynnneeee”

“Im 51 i need to be working out wit u gammy.”

“Goals honey”

“Looking good Gam”

The Red Table Talk co-host, whose bio proclaims she had to “grow up to glow up” has been a fitness enthusiast for quite some time. She posts pics of her progress on the social media platform regularly.


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A post shared by Adrienne Norris (@adriennebanfieldnorris)


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A post shared by Adrienne Norris (@adriennebanfieldnorris)

Damn, girl. We’ll just be over here in the corner comfort-eating all of Santa’s cookies. We hope to see our feet again in 2021, but who knows.

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