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News Anchor Accidentally Says Another Member of White House Tests Positive For Cocaine, Well He May Not Be Wrong

It’s hard to keep track of who has what these days. While coronavirus is certainly the most high-profile malady, we can’t blame anyone for getting confused about the reasons for someone’s out-of-sorts behavior, especially people in the president’s bubble.

To wit: One TV news anchor’s tiny flub turned into a big fat viral video on Twitter this week. His mistake? While updating viewers on White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s new COVID-19 diagnosis, he said, “Another member of Donald Trump’s inner circle testing positive for cocaine.”

“Cocaine” and “COVID” sound an awful lot alike – both start with “C,” have two vowels, and ruin lives, but that’s where the similarities end. Even if the slip was unintentional, we’re not sure the news anchor was wrong, given the rumors that have swirled in the past that both President Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., are fans of the powder. (“White” House, indeed.)

The news anchor realized his mistake and corrected himself moments later, but not before the clip spread on social media like cocaine on a windy day.

Whatever Trump has – COVID, cocaine addiction, narcissistic personality disorder – one thing’s for sure: the man needs professional help, STAT.

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