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Deep Dive: How Can I Possibly Date a Coronavirus Denier?

You never thought you’d be so eager to go on a date — any date, even a bad one — but after months of loneliness in COVID-19 quarantine, you’re raring to get back out there. While you may be abiding by recommendations to wear a mask, socially distance, and take care of your health, not everyone is as conscientious as you. There’s a subset of (stupid) Americans who refuse to believe coronavirus is “real,” much less dangerous. And chances are, if you swipe through Tinder long enough, you’re bound to end up on a date with one of them. Does that fact that they’re a coronavirus denier have to ruin what could be a fruitful relationship — or at the very least a satisfying fling? We think not. Here’s how to date a coronavirus denier without losing your sanity — or your life — in the process.

Cover Photo: LightFieldStudios (Getty Images)

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