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The Mandatory Jim Carrey Guide to Wearing ‘The Mask’ Correctly in Public During a Pandemic

For some, wearing a face mask correctly in public isn’t complicated. For others, it still is. This can be chalked up to denial, fear, oppositional messages, and the resulting confusion—there’s no denying the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has somehow become an international (mostly national) identity crisis (of sorts). And if there’s one person familiar with this kind of mask-centric madness, it’s Jim Carrey aka Stanely Ipkiss in the 1994 comedy classic The Mask

If you follow Carrey on social media, you know he supports limiting the spread of COVID-19 via mug masking. We’re pretty sure Mr. Ipkiss would be on the same page. Wasn’t that whole movie a metaphor for the relationship between masks and public safety? While Ipkiss’ mask sometimes had a less-than-ideal effect on himself and those around him, he’d be in favor of the non-spontaneous dance kind. That said, Mask Wearing 101 is a class being taught everywhere and by everyone, and if you haven’t passed it yet, surely you can with the help of Professor Ipkiss and The Mask

Cover Photo: New Line Cinema 

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