Jim Carrey’s Best Satirical Trump Cartoons

Jim Carrey does not like President Donald Trump; you won’t find the actor/comedian/artist at the shooting range sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat. Carrey is very vocal about his disdain for the man. Carrey is pretty vocal about everything: from calling out the Illuminati on late-night talk shows to telling Emma Stone he wants to have her “chubby little freckle-faced kids” in an unsettling (and public) video, everything the man does metaphorically screams, “Somebody stop me.” However, you have to admire his candor, especially when he’s giving the virtual middle finger to perhaps the most divisive POTUS of all-time. Carrey goes hard in the paint, literally. Using his renowned ability to put brush, pen, pencil, and crayon to canvas, Carrey crafts cartoons. Trump cartoons. That said, we’ve plucked some of his best from Twitter, along with their captions, and compiled them below. 

Cover Photo:  Kevin Winter (Getty Images)/Jim Carrey (Twitter)

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