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Ranked! The Very Best Donald Trump Impressions on TV (Including James Austin Johnson’s Stunning New ‘SNL’ Impersonation)

Donald Trump may be long gone from the Oval Office but his legacy of hilarious incompetence lives on. If you thought the end of 45’s one-term presidency meant he would no longer infiltrate the pop culture landscape, you were wrong. The latest place an impersonation of him popped up? SNL of course. But instead of Alec Baldwin, who played the Cheeto-colored politician to perfection for years, the new man behind the dumbest Commander in Chief the U.S. has ever seen is James Austin Johnson.

The SNL actor (who has also impersonated President Joe Biden for the show) completely stole the cold open recently with his interpretation of the former president.

His performance got us thinking about the other Donald Trump impersonations on TV over the years, so we went through the archives and ranked them all. Where does your favorite Trump impersonator fall? Scroll on to find out!

Cover Photo: NBC


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