15 Funniest Tweets About Trump’s Failed Social Media Company Launch

If you ever wanted to meet the person of your dreams, why not head over to Truth Social and sign up for Donald Trump’s newly inflated social media site? You can bond with your perfect match over conspiracy theories, the deliciousness of Bagel Bites, and something called libtards. But please hurry because if Trump’s other business ventures are any indication, this baby isn’t going to last long.

The launch of Truth happened haphazardly. First, there was the announcement of an official 2022 launch date. Then hackers discovered a live URL where they could sign up for the pre-order-only site immediately and quickly grabbed all the relevant handles. Finally, the company went public with the suddenness of a moose vomiting, backed by a shell company based out of the Cayman Islands, with a fiduciary point person in Wuhan and a rented office space inside a Florida WeWork. All the hallmarks of a foundationally solid company.

Share prices in the special acquisition company (SPAC) behind Truth have skyrocketed since going public last week, bouncing from $14 up to $120 before settling somewhere in the middle. If the hype holds up on Wall Street, Trump stands to make a fortune before the whole thing collapses like Trump after climbing a flight of stairs.

According to the former reality star, Truth was created to fight back against Big Tech in response to himself getting kicked off Twitter and Facebook (despite those two platforms spreading more of Trump’s gospel than any other entity). Nevertheless, the new platform promotes its mission by rebranding posts as “truths” and reposts as “retruths”, words the company hopes to trademark very soon.

But if we’re to be completely honest here, if Trump is starting the most successful social media company in the world, why is he still trying to get back on Twitter? As we wrap our heads around that burning question, let’s throw to Jack Dorsey’s tweet machine to see what people are saying about the dawn of Truth.





Cover Photo: Scott Olson (Getty Images)

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