Clive Owen
Impeachment: American Crime Story -- Pictured: Clive Owen as Bill Clinton. CR. Kurt Iswarienko/FX

Mandatory Casting: The 10 Worst Character Impersonations Ever (Including Clive Owen as Bill Clinton in ‘Impeachment’)

Everybody’s talking about Impeachment. No, not that one involving the 45th Idiot-in-Chief who was most recently impeached, but the new installment of FX’s American Crime Story, which this time around focuses on former president Bill Clinton, his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, and the ensuing scandal that surrounded them.

Clive Owen portrays the charismatic Arkansas politician in the series, and there’s been debate about whether or not he was really suited to the role. In honor of this controversial casting choice, we’ve rounded up the 10 worst character impersonations ever. Save yourself the viewing time and skip these features.

Cover Photo: FX