Meanwhile in Louisiana: Groom Shoots Friend on Wedding Day Over Alleged Affair, Starts Marriage Off With a Bang (That Wasn’t on the Registry!)

Weddings are extremely stressful affairs, so we don’t blame anyone for having a little freak-out on the day they walk down the aisle. That said, weddings are also known for being occasions on which those involved in the nuptials as well as their guests can go a little overboard. Such was the case at a recent marital shindig in Louisiana – where someone got shot.

It all started on a Saturday night as 30-year-old Devin Jose Jones was riding in a car down I-10 with his new bride and a buddy. They encountered traffic, which stoked an argument between the two dudes. In what could only be described as a fit of road rage, Jones allegedly pulled out a gun and chased his pal down the highway, eventually shooting him in the leg. Apparently, Jones believed his friend and the Mrs. had an affair.

Meanwhile, the new bride flagged down an ambulance and hid out inside, saying that her new hubby was trying to kill her. Unfortunately, that kind of turned out to be true, as Jones soon stalked her down and tried to force his way into the ambulance.

The cops eventually caught Jones on foot, but not before an innocent bystander was also wounded by a bullet from Jones’ gun that went astray. Both shooting victims survived and were airlifted to University Medical Center in New Orleans, where both are in stable condition.

Talk about starting your marriage off with a bang – in the worst way possible.

Cover Photo: St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office