Meanwhile on TikTok: ‘Flower Man’ Goes Viral For Sexy Strut Down the Aisle at Wedding

It’s tough to make a wedding unique or special anymore. Everything’s been done before. There’s nothing new under the sun. But one Arizona couple shocked their guests – and the internet – by completely upending tradition. They replaced a flower girl with a “flower man,” and captured his wild walk down the aisle in a TikTok video.

@morganstarr2Flower man♬ Come and Get Your Love – Redbone

Dog trainers Kyle and Nichole Drzewiecki got married in Burnet, Texas, and as part of the ceremony, they recruited their pal Ben McLaughlin to preceed the bride down the aisle scattering flower petals.

Giving off a Risky Business vibe, McLaughlin appeared wearing sunglasses, a floral suit coat, navy slacks, and brown shoes. His tie was the same burgundy shade as his fanny pack, from which he pulled petals. As “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone played, he then proceeded to strut seductively down the aisle, randomly tossing petals at the surprised – but thoroughly amused – wedding guests.

The TikTok of McLaughlin’s dance down the aisle went viral. Talk about stealing the spotlight! But the bride and groom didn’t seem to mind.

“My husband already had his groomsmen picked out but we wanted to show a fun side of ourselves in the ceremony instead of it being normal,” Nichole explained to Newsweek. “So of course we came up with Ben being the flower man, his personality is so outgoing and any time we’re all together he dances and is just so much fun! We told him to be himself and have fun with it.”

Watching the video, you start to wonder if you’ve just been dropped onto the set of Magic Mike 3. Alas, there was no stripping involved at these unconventional nuptials. But it sure looks like fun. Let’s hope this kicks off a new trend in wedding ceremonies, because they could use a little livening up.

Cover Photo: @morganstarr2 (TikTok)