Meanwhile in Hollywood: Adam Driver Simulating Oral Sex While Singing Makes Him Both a Teacher and a Role Model

Adam Driver puts new meaning to the phrase, it’s about to go down, in the new film Annette. How does this goofy-looking genius accomplish this? According to his costar Marion Cotillard by simulating oral sex while singing, obviously.

The new comedy drama musical (because that’s a thing) is helmed by French director Leos Carax. It stars Driver as a stand-up comedian who only wears boxers and Cotillard as his opera-singer wife. And like every weird arthouse couple in existence, their life is turned upside down by the arrival of a child. Probably because they spend their free time screwing and singing, what a real-time commitment.

The film debuted in Cannes to a five-minute standing ovation where Driver did exactly what guys like Driver do, lighting up and smoking indoors. Because nothing brings a crowd of fancy film critics to their feet like simulated oral sex while singing.

And yes. The whole thing was on purpose. Apparently, Carax wanted authenticity in the singing so his actors were forced to do everything scripted while singing live, which includes Driver singing live while “pretending” to go down on Cotillard. 2021, whatever else you have on your bingo card, we know we’re not ready.

Cover Photo: via Toni Anne Barson / Contributor (Getty Images) 



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