Matthew McConaughey Just Got Major Endorsement For Governor From Ted Cruz (Asking Him Not to Run), Alright Alright!

When it comes to Texas, no two public figures are more different than Matthew McConaughey and Ted Cruz. One is handsome, charming, well-liked, and capable. The other is Ted Cruz, currently the most hated man in Texas.

Which makes his recent cockblock of McConaughey’s run for governor a smashing endorsement.

Actors have had plenty of success in politics over the years. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ronald Reagan, movie stars are just better-looking versions of politicians who know how to say their lines and smile for the cameras. So it’s no surprise McConaughey’s talk of entering Texas politics is worrying the establishment blowhards.

Current governor Greg Abbot is up for re-election next year and given how badly his office has handled both the coronavirus response and Texas’s energy crisis, he’s lost a lot of favor with the public. Cruz seems to agree, saying of McConaughey, “I think he would undoubtedly be formidable,” before adding, “I hope Matthew decides not to run.”

The Dallas Buyer’s Club and Magic Mike actor would be a dark horse in the governor’s race. Though he’s played a lawyer, a detective, and a pot-smoking manchild (multiple times) he’s never dabbled in politics.

It’s unclear what McConaughey’s political beliefs even are. If we had to guess, we’d say he’d probably lower the drinking age to 18, legalize marijuana, and found the Church of Football. Of course, only after he fixes the power grid, restores relations with Mexico, and ensures every public school in the Lone Star State is stocked with healthy lunches and zen philosophy.

After watching Greg Abbot become the most powerful governor in Texas history and wield that power unwisely, we’d be alright alright alright with recasting Matthew McConaughey in the leading role of Texas Governor 2022. Who knows, it may just be the role he was born to play.

Cover Photo: Noam Galai / Stringer (Getty Images)

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