Billie Eilish Releases New Music Video Featuring All-Girl House Party, Hey We Want to Go!

Billie Eilish has been making waves since scooping up a handful of Grammy’s with her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? With a documentary film, a memoir photo book, and a headline-grabbing cover on British Vogue, the 19-year-old singer has been keeping busy during a year of pandemic-induced downtime. Now, as the world slowly returns to normal and doors and stages begin to open, Eilish is returning to what she does best: Making music.

With her second album coming out in July ahead of a sold-out arena tour in 2022, Eilish dropped a new music video for her song ‘Lost Cause’, this time baring more than just her soul. And why not? A picturesque slumber party featuring an all-girls entourage snacking, playing games, and dancing around in silk robes is the perfect place to cut loose.

The song is about an ex-boyfriend but checks the angst at the door. This time it’s all about moving on from pointless relationships with confidence and clarity, knowing the next chapter is going to be so much better. Softly opening the chorus with “Thought you had your shit together, but damn, I was wrong” and ending on “I know you think you’re such an outlaw but you got no job” Eilish is happily ditching the self-absorbed slacker for a night in with the ladies.

Though with unemployment still wreaking havoc across the country, maybe it’s not homeboy’s fault he couldn’t treat to dinner and has been totally preoccupied navigating his prospects in an uncertain world. Still, we’re not mad. Billie Eilish is doing her thing, only now it looks like she’s loving every minute of it.

Watch the full video below before it breaks the 100 million mark.

Cover Photo: Interscope Records

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