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Mandatory Questions: Where Does Trevor Noah Stash All Those Quarantine-Style Hoodies While Living in New York?

We love hoodies as much as the next guy, but maybe not as much as this guy. We’re talking about Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show. Ever since the talk show transitioned to being filmed at his home, Noah has forgone the sharp suits he used to wear for a rotating cast of hoodies in a rainbow of colors. He even wears them in summer. (Now that’s dedication!)

His hoodie of choice comes from the brand Richer Poorer, a California-based company that believes in ethical apparel and simple design. The style Noah stans is the Men’s Recycled Fleece Hoodie, which features a classic fit, relaxed shoulder seams, a wide-set kangaroo pocket, and jersey-lined hood. It’s hand-dyed and “silicone softened” (whatever that means) for a “broken-in feel” (which we definitely dig). You can try one on for size for yourself for only $78.

But we digress. Rumor has it that Noah has upwards of 700 hoodies.

We don’t know if that’s true, but he sure does seem to have a lot. Given that he lives in New York, ample closet space to store all those hoodies has to be an issue. Where in the world is he keeping them? In his oven, like all other overworked New Yorkers? Under the bed (wouldn’t they get dusty there)? Are they stashed beneath the floorboards, like Walter White’s meth money? Does he have an offsite storage space specifically for his hoodies? Or do they have their own apartment?

This is one riddle we just can’t figure out! Trevor, if you’re reading this, please enlighten the Mandatory fandom with the secret to squirreling away all those hoodies. Having more hoodies than you have space for seems like a nice problem to have, and it’s one we aspire to have someday.

Cover Photo: @attilathehoneyb (Twitter)



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