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Viral TikTok of Adam Sandler Hilariously Waitlisted at IHOP by Server Who Doesn’t Recognize Him (Or Totally Recognized the Guy Who Made All Those Bad Movies)

It seems that no matter where they go, celebrities get to skip to the front of the line. Not so for Adam Sandler, who was recently waitlisted at an IHOP in New York. In a now-viral TikTok video, the Uncut Gems star was seen on security camera footage being told by a hostess that the wait would be 30 minutes for a table. He decided that a stack of pancakes wasn’t worth waiting for and left.

@dayanna.rodasPleaseee come back #comedy #fyp #foryou #viral #adamsandler♬ Be A Clown – Osuna

Though Sandler was dressed in his usual oversized basketball shorts and hooded sweatshirt ensemble, he was wearing a mask, so maybe that’s why the hostess didn’t recognize him. Or maybe she did, and didn’t see why a dude responsible for so many stupid movies should get priority seating at a cheap breakfast chain.

But no. The hostess, TikTok user Dayanna Rodas, said it was an honest mistake, one she clearly felt bad about (she even captioned the video “Pleaseee come back”). She blamed the actor’s beard for the case of mistaken identity. In a follow-up video, she explained: “So yeah everyone’s asking how I didn’t recognize him. It’s because he had a big beard. I’ve never seen Adam Sandler with a beard. And the mask didn’t help.”

@dayanna.rodasReply to @kimber.lee_ #adamsandler #ihop #fyp♬ original sound – day.dayanna

Commenters didn’t hold the unintentional celebrity shunning against her. In fact, they applauded Sandler for not playing the celebrity card or throwing a fit when he got waitlisted.

“At least he didn’t use his fame to rush anything he left like a normal person would,” one wrote.

“He dresses so normal I wouldn’t be able to tell either,” another chimed in.

“I used to serve him regularly,” someone else contributed. “Never served a nicer person.”

If it had been a different actor in this situation, things could have gotten ugly very quickly. We’re glad nobody got cursed out or fired in this scenario. And we hope Sandler got his hot breakfast in a timely manner somewhere else. But please, dude, don’t make any more movies, OK?

Cover Photo: @dayanna.rodas (TikTok)

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