Meanwhile in California: Man in Bear Suit Attempts to Walk From LA to San Francisco Without Getting Shot or Run Over

We could all use a walk to clear our heads right about now. But one man is taking that idea to the extreme, trekking 400 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco…in a bear costume.


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His name is Jesse Larios, and the 33-year-old’s alter ego is named Bearsun. The California native and employee of a health insurance sales company has donned the cartoonish costume before – to run a marathon no less – but he’s really going the distance with this latest adventure, which started on April 12.

His route has had unexpected twists and turns, with road closures and mountainous trails making his 30-to-50-miles-a-day goal difficult, pushing back his estimated arrival date by at least four days. During his downtime, Bearsun isn’t taking it easy; instead, he’s roughing it, camping without any equipment and cleaning up and refueling at gas stations.

Of course, he’s documented every step of the journey on Instagram for his 19.9K followers.


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A post shared by BEARSUN (@iambearsun)

There’s no grand plan here – just the pursuit of joy for all. “This is what I want to do. I just want to run marathons in my bear suit,” Bearsun has said. “It makes other people happy too, and I’m all about laughter and smiles.”

With any luck, Bearsun should be completing his pilgrimage soon – assuming he doesn’t get shot or run over. We can only imagine how rank that bear costume is going to smell when he reaches his destination. If you see him out on the road, give him a wave – and maybe a spritz of Febreeze.

Cover Photo: @iambearson (Instagram)

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