A Bear Broke Into A Wyoming House And Pooped Twice In The Living Room

Photo: davidrasmus (Getty)

It’s official: Wyoming bears are dicks.

According to UPI, a Wyoming man woke up from a nap Saturday afternoon because his dog was barking at another animal that had made its way into his house.

That animal? You guessed it: A giant bear.

Photo: seread (Getty)

Photo: seread (Getty)

“At first I thought it was a dog,” Jackson resident Max Breiter said, “but I started to wake up and realized it was a bear.”

After locking eyes with the beast for roughly eight to ten seconds, Breiter said he made a dash for the bathroom and locked the door. No word if he dropped a deuce while he was in there, but the bear sure as shit (pun intended) did. In fact, it left two giant collections of turds in the living room before busting through a screen window and running down a hill.


Thankfully, neither Breiter nor the other seven people in the house were injured because Breiter had his cellphone on him, and he used it to call everybody, telling them to stay inside their rooms and lock the doors. At that point, everybody started screaming and the dog started barking again, and that was apparently enough to make the bear so uncomfortable that it could no longer stay inside the house.

Plus, who wants to hang around in a house with shit all over the living room?

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