Man’s Best Workout Buddy: Jump-Roping Dog More Coordinated Than Most Humans

Part of the appeal of owning a dog is the endless variety of tricks you can teach it. Sit. Stay. Fetch. Play dead. These are all standard tricks for Fido. But one woman went above and beyond when she decided to teach her hound a new skill – and it’s one that many humans can’t even master.

She taught her 8-year-old pup, Joey, 8, to jump rope.

In this hypnotizing video by the New York Post, owner and pooch are perfectly synchronized as they jump rope amidst a breathtaking mountainside background. We’re impressed with the mutt’s coordination – we would look ridiculous trying to jump rope alone, much less as part of a pair.

Jumping rope is a lot more exhausting than it appears (hey, remember how it whipped Rocky into shape?) yet the canine doesn’t seem to tire out any faster than his human counterpart. Talk about an ideal workout buddy! Motivating us to get off the couch and get our heart rate up? We can’t think of a better trick than that!

Cover Photo: New York Post

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