Man’s Best Friend: Dog Waits Outside Hospital For Owner For 6 Days

Dogs are loyal animals. It’s one of the reasons pet owners love them. But keeping you company while you binge-watch Netflix is one thing; keeping vigil outside your hospital room is another. One dog did just that, proving that pups are a man’s best friend.

For six days, a pooch named Boncuk has arrived at 9 a.m. every morning at Medical Park Hospital in northeastern Turkey to await its owner, Cemal Senturk, who was transferred there from another facility. The white fur baby sits or lies down outside the sliding glass doors, patiently and quietly, as hospital staff and visitors come and go. She does not bark or growl; she just watches the activity and waits.

Boncuk and Senturk have been together for nine years. “She is very fond of me and I miss her constantly,” Senturk told Reuters. Sometimes, Senturk calls to her from his hospital window. “It motivates her,” he says.

When nurses bring Senturk outside in a wheelchair, Boncuk goes crazy, wagging her jail and jumping at his lap. Theirs is the sweetest story between man and canine that we’ve heard of in a long time. (Would any of your fellow humans wait outside the hospital for six days for you? We think not. Even someone who’d vowed to be by your side “in sickness and in health” probably wouldn’t do that.)

We’d bet anything that Boncuk is just as eager for her owner to get out of the hospital as he is – and when he does, it will be quite the homecoming.

Cover Photo: CNN / Reuters

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