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Cardi B Goes Shopping in See-Through Dress, Apparently Has Given Up as Much as We Have

At this point in quarantine, it’s kind of a miracle we bother getting dressed at all. Who’s going to see us, after all? The closest we get to human interaction is on Zoom, and that’s only visible from the waist up. (Unless your name is Jeffrey Toobin.)

Cardi B. gets it. She’s barely clothed on a good day, but the 28-year-old “WAP” rapper recently went shopping in Beverly Hills in a see-through dress. Because with a body like that, there’s no reason to cover up.


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The dress, which featured a galactic print atop a nude woman’s silhouette, was designed by Pierre-Louis Auvray, but it belongs in an Avengers movie. Look closely and you can see both Cardi B’s tattoos and her black thong. The fabric is that sheer. It can barely contain her curves. Perhaps for modesty’s sake, the dress is framed by a wholesome white knit sweater.

Beneath Cardi B’s Instagram video of the dress, some fans fawned. Others seemed confused.

“It’s giving me Freezer from Dragon Ball Z vibes,” one wrote.

“Cardi… that outfit…nooooo…….” wrote another.

“Slaying queen,” declared someone else.

We don’t pretend to understand fashion. Whether this is a hit or miss we can’t say, but we won’t turn away any time Cardi B feels like flaunting her assets. Let’s hope that while she was on her little shopping spree, she picked up some similarly sexy items for her wardrobe.

Cover Photo: @iamcardib (Instagram)

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