Capitol Prostester Rubbing Eyes With Onion Is Either a Crybaby or a Resourceful Rioter (You Be the Judge)

In the aftermath of last week’s insurrection by Trump supporters at the Capitol, more and more information is coming to light about the event and the people involved in it. One woman in particular is under scrutiny for possibly revealing that the violence surrounding the melee was premeditated. Her tell? An onion.

“Elizabeth from Knoxville,” as she’s known on the internet, was interviewed at the scene. She told the cameraperson she was pushed and maced as she stormed into the building. During the brief interview, she held a hand towel wrapped around an onion to her face – neither object something you’d expect to have handy in the midst of such rageful chaos.

Some critics claimed the cry baby was using the onion to incite tears, but others have a more sinister explanation: she brought the bulb as a precautionary measure, because onions have properties that counteract tear gas. Apparently, they can ease the burning sensations.

If the latter is true, that would indicate the crowd was not only prepared for potential violence, but had banked on it. (Not such an outrageous idea, given how agro and pro-gun those involved in the DC fracas were.)

Why do these details matter? Because if the violence was planned beforehand, those involved could face more serious charges in court.

Who knew a little onion could be a such a big, dead giveaway?

Save your tears, sweetie, at least until a judge gives you something to truly cry about…like a jail sentence.

Cover Photo: TMZ

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