Capitol Rioter ‘QAnon Shaman’ Refuses to Eat Non-Organic Jailhouse Food (Who’s the Special Snowflake Now?)

When Jacob Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli or the QAnon Shaman, stormed into the Senate chamber of the Capitol on Jan. 6, he screamed, “Freedom!” Now that the face-painted, horn-bearing, fur-wearing wacko is behind bars, we’d like to ask him: how’s that freedom taste?

Not too good, according to journalist Melissa Blasius. In a now-viral tweet, she reported that his mother “says he hasn’t eaten since Friday because the detention facility won’t feed him all organic food.”

Twitter went insane with clapbacks about the 33-year-old’s diet demands. (And the far right likes to call liberals “special snowflakes!”)

As much as we would like to see this guy suffer through a real prison stint, shitty food and all, white privilege still reigns in the courts. After Chansley’s public defender claimed he was on an extremely strict diet, “perhaps for religious reasons,” the judge ordered that the U.S. Marshal bend to the insurrectionist’s demands.

“He gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food – literally will get physically sick,“ said his mother, Martha Chansley. She was completely unapologetic about her son’s involvement in the riots, which led to the death of five people and the suicide of another. In an interview, she called her son a “patriot” and the “gentlest person I know.“ (Clearly, she needs to get out more.)

Of course, Twitter had much to say about the accommodations so graciously extended to Chansley that would never be granted to a BIPOC prisoner.

We take solace in the fact that it’s a dog-eat-dog world, at least in prison. And Chansley is fresh meat. Let’s hope he gets what’s coming to him. (And there ain’t going to be nothin’ organic about it.)

Cover Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images)

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