The 20 Funniest Post-Election Tweets to Soak Up Your Tears and Anxiety

“Are we there yet?” That’s how most Americans woke up the morning after Election Day. We all rushed to our phones and tapped over to a (hopefully) credible news site, then pored over the colorful maps and Electoral College tallies and, eventually, threw the phone down because trying to figure out which way this election is headed is impossible.

Then we spent the remainder of the day refreshing and refreshing the aforementioned news site and trying to do our everyday tasks while pretending that the biggest political showdown of our lifetime wasn’t hanging in the balance.

Still with us? Good. Breathe, everybody. We’re going to get through this one way or another. While we await the official word on who won the 2020 presidential election, give yourself a break — and hopefully a laugh, too — with these hilarious post-election tweets.

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