The 10 Most Political Drinks to Suck Down During Election Season

Depending on how election night goes, you’ll either be drinking in celebration or to drown your sorrows. If Joe Biden wins, it’ll be cheers, smiles, and cocktails all around. If Trump wins, you’ll be looking for the highest proof whiskey and highest ABV beers you can find to try to forget that you’re still stuck in this Twilight Zone episode for four more years. Either way, you’ll be drinking.

We suggest you spend election night playing our “Red Wine for Blue: Democratic Drinking Game For an Anxious Election Night” or by mixing up a cocktail (or three). To help you figure out which cocktails to sip on, we’ve taken some of your favorite classic cocktails and renamed them to suit this current political landscape. Check them all out below and get your drink on.

Photo: happy_lark (Getty Images)

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