This Wine Is Hilariously and Accurately Named to Represent 2020, Can You Guess? (Hint: It’s One Great Word)

Many phrases have been used to describe 2020. This very strange, mostly awful year has been full of turmoil, anxiety about the impending election, and it’s all shrouded by the doom and gloom of the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been called a “garbage fire” and “the worst year.” But, one winery recently released a wine that perfectly sums up the year with its name.

It’s called ‘Sh!itshow” and it might be the perfect wine to drink while you drown your election and pandemic-induced sorrows. It’s made by Pennsylvania’s Grovedale Winery and while it makes dozens of varieties, this is the only one we want to sip on this year.

Even though the wine has a tongue-in-cheek, silly name, it does sound quite good. It’s a blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon that’s aged in oak barrels.

Photo: Grovedale Winery

Grovedale owner Jeff Homer told Food & Wine that the idea for the name stared as a joke. “When we floated the idea to people, they immediately started laughing. We lift a glass together to celebrate life’s good moments, and we thought having a glass of wine for the ‘sh!tshow’ moments of life would help bring a smile.”

Interestingly enough the “Sh!tshow” referenced by the wine isn’t even 2020. It was made to embody the feelings surrounding the strange, sometimes awkward events in life. These include a divorce, a bad day at work, or pretty much any uncomfortable moment. But it now embodies everything we’re thinking about this terrible year.

If you want to sip on a glass of “Sh!tshow” while you stare, gape-mouthed at your TV on election night or pretty much any moment leading up to the ball dropping on Dec. 31, you can buy a bottle on Grovedale’s online store.

Photo: Linda Raymond (Getty Images)

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