Date Fails: Woman Brings 23 Family Members to Her Blind Date, Guy Wasn’t Prepared For ‘That Many’ to Watch

Blind dates are tough. Even if you’ve been set up by friends or family members, you probably don’t know very much about your date. You’re nervous, anxious, and hope that you match well. Sadly, most blind dates don’t turn out well. This is because, while they have the best intentions, your friends don’t know what you’re looking for in a mate. Maybe you don’t have anything in common, you’re not attracted to each other, or perhaps she brought 23 family members with her to test your “generosity.”

This is exactly what happened recently in China when a woman’s plan to bring her whole extended family to a blind date completely backfired most hilariously. What was supposed to be a dinner date between the woman and a man the local newspapers are referring to as Mr. Lui, turned into a raucous party, and for some reason, the woman thought her date would be paying the bill. She claimed it was an effort to see how generous he was, but it’s a pretty pompous, rude way to do it.

After the ridiculously large party finished dining and drinking, the bill was over the equivalent of $3,000 in U.S. currency. This is when the man smartly bolted from the restaurant and left her and her family to foot the astronomical bill.

Even after this, the man and woman agreed later that he would pay his fair share of the bill. Even though we hope he never goes on a second date, she did prove that he was a tremendously generous man. We wouldn’t have paid a cent towards the bill.

Photo: Jordan Lye (Getty Images)

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