RANKED! The 10 Tastiest Smoky Mezcals For National Mezcal Day

If you’re new to mezcal, you should first know the phrase “all tequila is mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila.” That’s because the overarching title for all agave-based spirits is mezcal. But, tequila needs to be made in the area in and around Jalisco and made with only Blue Weber agave (among other rules). Mezcal can be made anywhere with any type of agave. Although most of it is made in the area in and around Oaxaca.

The name “mezcal” translates to “over-cooked agave.” It’s known for its smoky flavor due to being cooked underground in earthen pits before fermentation and distillation.

Since Oct. 21 is National Mezcal Day, we decided to rank the 10 tastiest smoky mezcals to sip on. Check out all of our favorites below.

Photo: Matthew Micah Wright (Getty Images)

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