Group of male friends taking shots together on their night out.

10 Tequila-Shooting Hacks to Avoid Spitting It Up For National Tequila Day

Sure, this National Tequila Day will be a little different from most. Maybe you usually head out on the town to celebrate the Mexican agave-based spirit and all of its sweet, spicy, vegetal goodness. Well, this year you can’t because of the ongoing pandemic. Still, that shouldn’t stop you and your fellow drinkers from getting your tequila-based drink on. It’s still a celebration. Shots are in order.

If you don’t want to end up face down on your front lawn this year while also steering clear of the ribbing you’ll get from your friends if you’re involved in a spit take, you’ll peruse our very scientific, highly educational tequila shooting tips. Check them all out below.

Cover Photo: SolStock (Getty Images)

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