RANKED! The Mandatory 10 Best Tequilas

In the last few decades, tequila has gone from the harsh, potent, hangover-inducing shot of our college years and become a high-quality, well-respected spirit. Sure, in the ’90s and early aughts, you could find high-quality tequila. It’s just that most of our experiences with it back then involved a plastic-handled, super cheap bottle of liquid fire that we’d take pretty much only in shot form, always with salt beforehand and quickly followed with a lime wedge after. That was it. Today, if you even take a cursory look at the tequila aisle at your local liquor or grocery store (or peruse the internet), you’ll find countless highly-regarded, delicious, slow-sipping tequilas on the market.

That’s why we decided to rank the 10 best tequilas you can pick up pretty much anywhere for a reasonable amount of money.

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Photo: Kevin Twomey (Getty Images)

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