Mandatory Staff Picks: The 10 Best Premium Tequilas

For many, college is a time when an evening isn’t complete without at least one shot of bottom-shelf tequila (and the ensuing hangover). But, post-college, tequila is a different story. If you didn’t overdo it in the tequila department during your university experience, you might branch out and actually try some higher-priced tequilas. If you do, you’ll realize the Blue Weber agave-based spirit is so much more than part of a combination with salt and lime. It’s a well-made, nuanced, flavorful spirit perfect for slow sipping over an ice cube or two on a hot, summer day.

It’s also the base of some of the best warm-weather cocktails (margarita, paloma, etc.). But, all in all, there are many premium tequila brands ripe for discovery if you’re willing to fork over a little extra money. Check out some of our favorite premium tequilas below.

Photo: Lisa Romerein (Getty Images)

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