Mandatory Staff Picks: The 10 Best Cheap Tequilas

Tequila is one of the most versatile spirits in the world. This blue agave-based, Mexican-born spirit is the base for iconic drinks like the Paloma, margarita, and The Rolling Stone’s favorite drink, the Tequila Sunrise. There’s pretty much no wrong time of year to enjoy this vegetal, sweet spirit. During the summer months, you can sip or mix with blanco or reposado tequila. As the weather turns towards autumn and eventually into winter, you can progress to anejo and extra anejo. The best part? Since there are well over 100 distilleries cranking out high-quality tequilas in Mexico, there are bargains to be had. You don’t have to spend a month’s rent to get your hands on a great bottle of tequila.

Since we’re all about bargains, we decided to find 10 of the best cheap tequilas. Even though they’re not pricey, these are definitely not bottom-shelf, harsh tequilas. These are 10 great, cheap tequilas to enjoy all year long. Check them all out below.

Photo: Holger Leue (Getty Images)

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