Alcohol Education: 10 Mandatory Facts to Know About Gins

When it comes to the booze hierarchy, it’s pretty tough to top gin. Could there possibly be a more adaptable spirit? This crystal clear, juniper berry-based spirit can be combined with almost anything from the natural world. Coriander, cucumber, rose, anise, cinnamon, saffron, and even elephant poop have been incorporated into gins. On top of that, gin is the base of some of the greatest cocktails ever created. Is there any topping the iconic gin and tonic or gin gimlet? We don’t think so.

Since we’re singing the praises of one of our favorite spirits, we figured the time was right to throw out a few gin-centric facts so that you can learn to love gin as much as we do. Check them all out below and then mix up a fresh, seasonal gin-based cocktail.

Photo: Steve Lupton (Getty Images)

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