Stinky Drinks: This Gin Has a Smelliest of Ingredients (Elephant Poop)

Gin, the botanical-based distilled spirit, has been a popular cocktail ingredient for centuries. With its juniper base and various other herbs, a good gin is floral, herbaceous, and smooth. But, what if you poured yourself a glass of gin only to find that the secret ingredient isn’t cardamom, rosemary, or even lavender? If you’re drinking Indlovu Gin, then the secret ingredient is poop. That’s right, poop. Specifically, elephant dung.

The story goes like this: Les Ansley and his wife Paula wanted to create a gin that “encapsulates the essence of Africa.” Apparently, the essence of the continent is elephant poop. The couple moved to Africa after living in the UK for years. During a trip to Kenya, the pair watched a herd of elephants as they slowly sipped on gin and tonics. They pondered the eating habits of the majestic pachyderms and for some strange reason, this made Les think about the possibility of making gin out of elephant dung. How he got there, we’ll never know.

Instead of just realizing that made he had imbibed a little more gin than he anticipated and brushing off the idea as complete insanity, he actually got to work on creating the fecal-based gin. Ansley collected elephant dung, dried it, crumbled it, and sterilized it (who knows how). He then added the processed poop and other botanicals into the gin. To say this gin is “earthy” is an understatement. Surprisingly, though, drinkers have said that the gin is smooth and full of complex flavors. We’ll take their word for it because we’re still not sure we can stomach it.

Photo: GoodLifeStudio (Getty Images)

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