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Weird News of the Day: Bill Murray Applied for a Job at P.F. Chang’s

Bill Murray is a national treasure. In a world full of celebrity drama, lurid affairs, and sordid gossip, it seems that the only time we hear anything about Mr. Murray is when he’s doing something awesome. Take, for instance, the story that he recently shared on Amy Schumer’s podcast, 3 Girls 1 Keith. When asked what job he would do outside of acting, Murray revealed that he actually filled out an application at a P.F. Chang’s in the Atlanta airport. When pushed for more details, Murray simply responded that “it looks like the best time.” The fast-food Chinese restaurant would later take to Twitter, telling Murray that he was hired. Bill Murray may be the greatest man in the world, but if he skimps on the chicken when making the lettuce wraps, he’s dead to us. Still, though. It’s nice to know Bill has a safety net, should he ever retire from acting.

Cover Photo: NurPhoto (Getty Images)

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