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Raw Deal: Arizona Woman Says Burger King Sold Her Uncooked Chicken Sandwich, Baffles Restaurant for Expecting Real Food

The recent drama unfolding in the realm of fast food is more captivating than most of the reality shows currently on television. The latest: Burger King allegedly served a raw chicken sandwich to a customer in Arizona. Charlotte Parker, a grandmother just trying to do grandmotherly things, recently bought her 13-year-old granddaughter a delightful afternoon snack from her local BK. Upon biting into the delicacy, however, the young girl remarked that it tasted a little funny. Grandma pulled over her Grand Am, inspected the chicken sandwich, and was aghast to see that while the buns, mayo, and annoying AF lettuce were still intact, the chicken patty was raw, pink and still somewhat frozen. Furious, grandma called the King and demanded an explanation from the employees. They apologized and offered her a refund, but she refused. It wasn’t the $1.29 that mattered, it was the fact that she trusted the Burger King to serve his kingdom faithfully and failed her. The corporate office issued an apology, saying that the manager re-trained the employees on how to, like, not serve undercooked food. But the question remains: can you really undercook something that’s not even really food?

Cover Photo: Boyloso (Getty Images)

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